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Delivering super-fast fibre, SUPA Networks enhances connectivity with solutions that optimise communications infrastructure and provide tenants with infinite possibilities.

Invested in your building’s connectivity.

SUPA Networks is a registered ACMA telecommunications carrier delivering  Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) and cutting-edge overlay technology across Australia.

Enabling super-fast internet, VOIP (Telephone) Pay & Free-to-Air TV over fibre as well as the integration of multiple IP technologies including IP intercom, access control, CCTV and smart home automation systems.

Previously known as Fibercorp, we have a proven track record for delivering super-fast FTTP and overlay solutions for multi-occupancy developments across NSW, Queensland, The ACT and Victoria.

“We are committed to future-proofing modern developments with  high-speeds and secure connections to create connected communities and infinite possibilities.”

Sam Scoutas

SUPA Networks CEO 


SUPA Networks invests in future proofed Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) networks delivering superfast connectivity and supporting critical building communications infrastructure for multi-occupancy precincts and properties. 

SUPA Networks designs, installs, integrates and maintains fibre-based communications networks that provide open access for retail service providers (RSPs) to deliver internet services to property owners and occupiers.

Future-focussed developers partner with SUPA Networks during the design phase to deliver FTTP strategies that optimise telecommunications infrastructure as well as voice, data, video and streaming services.

Wholesale Layer 2 Access Network

SUPA Networks supplies and installs FTTP solutions for residential multi-dwelling developments, commercial developments, and broadacre residential developments providing:

  • Guaranteed Speed: Fibre connection to each premise means fast and reliable speeds to future-proof buildings for high-speed telecommunications.
  • Construction Cost Saving: SUPA Networks enables other networks (e.g. Free to Air TV, Foxtel, IP video intercom, IP CCTV, IP Access Control, etc.) to be delivered on a single fibre network backbone technology  reducing waste and delivering construction cost savings.
  • Choices of Retail Service Providers (RSPs): Owners and occupiers have multiple RSPs to choose from on SUPA Networks, ensuring a service and price to suit every need. 
  • Easy Internet Set Up: Step-by-step setup instructions are provided and backed-up with in-person and online assistance. This coupled with the option of free Wi-Fi in common areas, SUPA Networks delivers seamless connectivity across the property or precinct. 
  • On The Ground Support: A proudly Australian owned and operated company, SUPA Networks provides on-ground support from our local team.

Delivering future-proofed buildings for optimised occupier experiences with reduced waste and significant deployment cost savings for property developers.

The SUPA Networks Difference

At SUPA Networks we believe connectivity should be super fast and seamless, regrettably many residential and corporate networks still utilise copper or hybrid architectures to deliver services we use daily.

We are a fibre only infrastructure provide ensuring occupiers can always access superfast internet and that our networks are future proof.

Our networks don't just support internet connectivity, they are designed and built to support telephone, TV, and Foxtel as well as in-building technologies to deliver security (CCTV), access control, intercom and home automation.

SUPA Networks has heavily invested in technologies such as Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) that are fully capable of supporting all these services on a single fibre distribution architecture.

GPON gives the end user the ability to consolidated multiple services onto a single fibre transport network. This technology reduces costs while increasing bandwidth.

The hardware provides the capabilities utilising a 2.5 GPON optical WAN interface with switching and routing functions that manage premises network traffic at speeds up to 1Gbps; delivering a customisable, high-capacity fibre network enabling entertainment and wide array of IP based services.

SUPA Networks’ GPON allows an operator to effectively deliver all these services with an optimum user experience. Its Quality of Service (QoS) and high bandwidth capabilities are the mechanisms needed to converge voice, video and data all onto the same fibre network allowing more efficient energy ratings, maintenance, and overall performance.

  • GPON is the highest speed, longest life, and lowest cost network infrastructure currently available in the market.
  • GPON consolidates services onto a single fibre network which reduces both deployment and operating costs.
  • GPON user capacity is scalable as numbers increase. Systems can be configured from as few as 32 users to many thousands using multiple OLT chassis.
  • 100Gbps ready today. SUPA Networks GPON equipment is next-generation PON-ready, enabling future bandwidth upgrade migration without head-end hardware replacement.

SUPA Networks

SUPA Networks’ flagship products are for developers to provide fibre-to-the-premise and overlay solutions to deliver electronic security as well as free-to-air and or paid TV over fibre.

This sees SUPA Networks deliver super-fast fibre plus either telephone, pay and free-to-air TV as well as fully integrating intercom, access control, CCTV and smart home automation.

Electronic Security Over Fibre

SUPA Networks has proven capability to overlay additional services over its FTTP, which can act as the backbone for the IP security features of multi-occupancy properties.

Working collaboratively with SUPA Tech, SUPA Networks helps developers adopt emerging trends in building security systems powered by FTTP that integrate access control, video intercom and CCTV. 

Developers can save costs by engaging SUPA Networks as it is one unified end-to-end services partner for high-speed internet connections and security systems to deliver far more secure, safe and connected buildings.

TV Over Fibre

Taking advantage of the fibre backbone delivered by SUPA Networks, traditional free-to-air and paid TV can be merged onto the fibre optic network to reduce build costs, space and energy consumption. 

SUPA Networks’ infrastructure is capable of supporting broadband internet connection, free-to-air and paid TV on a single fibre distribution architecture.  

Metropol - Tailored FTTP Package

Metropol - Tailored FTTP Package

Developed by Geocon, Metropol in Canberra saw SUPA Networks deploy a tailored Fibre-to-the-Premise package delivering super-fast fibre to 576 apartments across three towers.

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Black Diamond – Tailored GPON FTTP Package

Black Diamond – Tailored GPON FTTP Package

Developed by Geocon, stage 2 at Aspen Village Black Diamond in Greenway, ACT, engaged SUPA Networks to deliver a tailored GPON Fibre-to-the Premise solution for superfast broadband internet and technology services including IP CCTV, access control and video intercom on a single fibre optical network.    

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Poly Global – Tailored FTTP and Electronic Security over Fibre

Poly Global – Tailored FTTP and Electronic Security over Fibre

SUPA Networks is in the process of integrating a tailored Fibre-to-the Premises over security solution at Spring Square in Bankstown, NSW. On completion the 570 units will enjoy the benefit of SUPA Networks’ high-speeds and secure connections to create a safer and more connected community.

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Midtown – Tailored GPON FTTP Package

Midtown – Tailored GPON FTTP Package

SUPA Networks is excited to be providing a state-of-the-art FTTP solution for Frasers Property Australia in their new landmark project Midtown .Located in the heart of the emerging tech savvy suburb of Macquarie Park occupiers of this property will enjoy unrivalled connectivity and amenity.

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Create inspiring buildings and enhance occupier experiences.
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