About SUPA.

Smart Urban Properties Australia Limited (SUPA) creates smarter, safer and more sustainable properties by bringing together renewable energy and mobility, super-speed fibre and smart prop-tech.

"SUPA was formed to improve the lifestyles of the communities we serve with a vision to be recognised for redefining converged essential services and proptech categories, elevating stakeholder engagement and customer experiences in multi-occupancy buildings.

SUPA has solidified its position as Australia’s leading integrated energy, fibre and technology solutions partner and is pursuing an ambitious growth journey.”

Finally, a smarter property experience.

As Australia’s first unified converged services provider, Smart Urban Properties Australia (SUPA) is delivering a smarter property experience by bringing together renewables, mobility, super-fast fibre and smart property technologies.  

Formed via the merger of b.energyFibercorpEpsilon SecuritySmart Automation Systems and connecX, SUPA now harnesses the years of expertise and specialist knowledge brought by each company.

Backed by IFM Investors, SUPA is a powerhouse of complementary capabilities:

We are a full-service partner and have the capability and capacity to support your property design with leading technical experts.

From build-to-sell to build-to-rent, SUPA is on your side to increase property value and reduce building construction and operating costs, tailoring our solutions to your development’s needs – including specialising in retrofits.

SUPA is your partner of choice to increase property attraction for developers and investors by delivering elevated experiences for property occupiers, offering a unique managed service proposition to make smart, sustainable urban properties a reality.

What We Do

Invested in your building’s future.

SUPA’s unique range of business solutions can be integrated, or standalone to deliver inspiring buildings and occupier experiences. 

SUPA offers a unique managed service proposition to property developers and owners with modular service options, we make smart, sustainable urban properties a reality.

  • Smart Urban Property strategy development and success management: An informed trusted advisor and partner known for increasing property attractiveness and valuations.
  • Strategic Advisory: SUPA has a long-term view, supporting clients to maximise returns on investment across the entire project development lifecycle.
  • Capital Efficiency:A partner with a long-term view that invests to deliver capital efficiencies and cost savings for our project partners. 
  • Technical Innovation: Bring inspiring smart urban properties to life with converged essential services and integrated in-building technologies for improved occupier experience.
  • Operational Excellence: Make life easier with a single-source provider for multiple services, seamless project delivery and premium customer management
  • Occupier Experiences: Enhance lifestyle experience, effortlessly engage communities and generate purchaser and occupier value.

Who We Are

Invested in our future.

SUPA is focussed on its purpose: to improve the lifestyles of the communities we serve.

The executive team comprises senior industry leaders that have come together from across the energy, telecoms, in-building technologies and prop-tech sectors to form SUPA

To be recognised for redefining converged essential services and proptech categories, elevating stakeholder engagement and customer experiences in multi-occupancy buildings.

As an active industry participant in utilities, telecommunications, property and strata markets, SUPA is a recognised advocate for reform that empowers our partners and customers for price transparency, elevated customer service, avoided client and occupier capital costs, and value for money in multi-occupancy properties.

SUPA aims to enhance access to renewable energy networks; super-fast fibre broadband; and a comprehensive suite of property technologies with easy smart app integration.  

SUPA also believes in a renewables future and actively invests capital to improve accessibility  toaffordable and reliable renewables for our customers.

SUPA’s supportive environment provides emerging talent and experienced experts with a platform to learn, grow and develop fulfilling careers. People looking for a dynamic career, making a switch or specialised talent are warmly welcomed to bring their diversity of professional, and personal, experience to SUPA. 

Why We Formed

Purpose driven and growing.

SUPA was formed to improve the lifestyles of the communities we serve by delivering inspiring buildings and occupier experiences.

Ambitions to grow SUPA’s market position through diversification have been accelerated following a successful capital raising process at the end of 2022.

SUPA has now formed a powerhouse of complementary capabilities by bringing together b.energy, Fiber Corp, Epsilon Security, Smart Automation Systems and connecX where everyone is working effectively to deliver a strong pipeline of work, great workplace experiences and solid returns to investors.

SUPA’s post-merger integration process will see the former businesses evolve while operations will continue as usual, simply with different names across SUPA’s three divisions: SUPA Energy, SUPA Networks and SUPA Tech.  

Problems We Solve

A full-service partner on your side end-to-end.  

SUPA works side-by-side with all project partners across the project development lifecycle from early contractor involvement in concept, feasibility and design phases through to project delivery.

Everything we do is focussed on adding value to your property and making a positive impact on the lifestyles and environment of the communities we serve.

Committed to our customers long-term success, We’re invested in your building’s future, offering a capital invested, managed service proposition to property developers and owners with unified, modular and extensible engagement options, we make the smart, sustainable urban precincts, properties and smart cities transformation accessible, affordable and a reality.

For property investors, developers, owners and strata communities, SUPA is a full service partner offering seamless end-to-end converged services management, better deals and development outcomes that differentiate and future proof your property.

For occupants, our next generation services deliver price transparency, elevated customer service, avoided client and occupier capital costs and value for money to reduce cost of living and to improve wellbeing.

For investors, you can be part of SUPA’s success story and ambitious growth journey where it has a competitive edge while accelerating Australia’s shift towards a more renewable and connected future.

How We Do It

Integrated, modular and extensible.

SUPA is a unique single provider of multiple integrated and converged services offering a modular services offering across utilities, broadband, smart buildings and connected living services.

This means that you choose which service you need or which combination of services you need.  It’s your choice and SUPA can engage on any single service that is of interest and benefit to you. 

SUPA’s unique business and service line structure enables competitive aggregated bundling incentives to reduce costs for property developers, owners and occupiers.

All of SUPA’s solutions are designed, delivered and maintained by three business divisions: 

  • SUPA Energy: A progressive full-service utility provider that funds and optimises energy infrastructure in new and existing properties to enhance sustainability, future-proof for electric mobility and provide affordable and easy to use energy services for occupiers.
  • SUPA Networks: A design and integration specialist that builds smart gigabit fibre networks and overlay solutions to provide ultra-fast connectivity for occupiers while supporting in-building technologies on a single fibre backbone.
  • SUPA Tech: An integration technology partner with a full range of building access control, intercom, CCTV and emerging automation technologies to create smart spaces connected by connecX, a community engagement platforms and app suite.

What Makes Us Different 

Partner with SUPA for a smarter property experience.

SUPA is on your side when it comes delivering and smarter, safer and more sustainable multi-occupancy properties. 

  • Uniquely different: We are Australia’s first unified services provider of converged utilities and telecommunications services, integrated in-building technologies, platforms and smart apps for multi-occupant properties.
  • Highly relevant: We increase property attraction and valuation for, developers and owners by delivering elevated, effortless community experiences.
  • Superior economics: We are committed to investing capital to deliver managed service economics to reduce development and operating costs for our partners.
Darling Square

Darling Square

Specialised security system

Engaged by Lendlease at Darling Square in Sydney, SUPA Tech installed a system comprising of CCTV, video intercom, access control and automation products powered by a fibre-to-the-premise network to provide a far safer and more connected community across its 500 residences.

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Tailored FTTP Package

Developed by Geocon, Metropol in Canberra saw SUPA Networks deliver a tailored Fibre-to-the-Premise package with a view to deliver super-fast fibre to 576 apartments across three towers.

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Saint Moritz

Saint Moritz


Luxury developer GURNER™ engaged SUPA Energy at its premium beachfront address Saint Moritz to commission a private net zero carbon utilities network that now has an EV charging density quotient (EVDQ) of 33%.

SUPA Energy funded and managed installation of 38 dedicated EV charging stations, 5 communal EV charging stations and 4 e-bikes charged by an on-site 100kW Solar PV System, together with emerging renewable technologies and future EV charging infrastructure readiness to enable the residents living in the 131 high-end apartments to affordably reduce their environmental impact.

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