Smart Urban Properties Australia Limited (SUPA) creates smarter, safer and more sustainable properties by bringing together renewable energy and mobility, super-speed fibre and smart prop-tech.



    SUPA is Australia’s first unified services provider of converged utilities and telecommunications infrastructure services, integrated in-building technologies, engaging community platforms and apps to create inspiring and future-proofed Build-to-Rent properties.

  • Redefining Essential Services

    SUPA Energy

    SUPA Energy is different. Recognised as the most progressive essential services provider for multi-occupancy buildings, SUPA Energy is redefining renewables, mobility and optimising critical energy infrastructure, assets and services.

  • Delivering Super-Fast Fibre

    SUPA Networks

    SUPA Networks enhances connectivity with future proofed gigabit fibre networks that provide our  customers with infinite possibilities.

  • Enabling smart buildings & spaces

    SUPA Tech

    SUPA Tech integrates in-building technology solutions and mobile apps delivering enhanced occupier experiences.

    "SUPA was formed to improve the lifestyles of the communities we serve by delivering inspiring buildings and occupier experiences.”

    Finally, a smarter property experience.

    Smart Urban Properties Australia (SUPA) is different.

    As Australia’s first unified converged services provider, SUPA is delivering a smarter property experience by bringing together renewables, mobility, super-fast fibre and smart property technologies.

    Offering a unique range of property solutions, SUPA is:

    We’re invested in your building’s future. Whether it’s being developed for social and affordable housing or with strata communities in mind, we’re experienced in creating smarter, safer and more sustainable multi-occupancy properties across multiple sectors.

    From build-to-sell to build-to-rent, SUPA is on your side to increase property value and reduce building construction and operating costs, tailoring our solutions to your development’s needs – including specialising in retrofits.

    SUPA is your partner of choice to increase property attraction for developers and investors by delivering elevated experiences for property occupiers, offering a unique managed service proposition to make smart, sustainable urban properties a reality.

    Smart Urban Property Strategy Development & Success Management

    An informed trusted advisor and partner known for increasing property and attractiveness. 

    • Strategic Advisory: SUPA has a long-term view, supporting clients to maximise returns on investment across the entire project development lifecycle.
    • Market Research & Consumer Insights: Entrenched in the industry, SUPA provides insights on emerging trends to differentiate properties and make them more attractive to your purchaser and occupier.
    • Industry Advocacy & Regulatory Compliance: As an active industry participant in utilities, telecommunications, property and strata markets, SUPA helps you to navigate the complex regulatory environment to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
    • Early Concept, Consultant Collaboration & Design Feasibility: To maximise project benefits, SUPA research shows that early engagement delivers improved investment returns.

    Capital Efficiency

    A partner with a long-term view that invests up-front to deliver capital efficiencies and reduced costs for our project partners.

    With a unique capital invested, managed service proposition for property developers and investors, our modular and flexible service options make smart, sustainable urban properties accessible and affordable.

    • Integrated Infrastructure Services: As Australia’s first converged utilities, telecommunications, integrated in-building technologies, platforms and smart apps provider for multi-occupancy properties, our project partners benefit from our integrated economies of scale and single project management accountability.
    • Funded Project Infrastructure Services: With a capital invested, managed services proposition, SUPA invests in critical utilities, telecommunications, in-building plant and equipment to mitigate capital investment for our project partners delivering improved project development returns.

    Technical Innovation

    Bring inspiring smart urban properties to life with converged essential services and  integrated in-building technology for improved amenities and services for property occupiers and managers.

    • Integrated Infrastructure Services: As Australia’s first converged utilities, telecommunications, integrated in-building technologies, platforms and smart apps provider our project partners benefit from our integrated technical expertise.
    • Converged essential services: SUPA delivers converged electricity, natural gas, hot water and super-fast broadband services.
    • In-Building Technologies, Platforms & Apps: Access the next generation of security and access control, CCTV, intercom, smart lockers, smart building and community lifestyle platform, apps and much more to create inspiring buildings for smart urban communities.
    • Smart Spaces: Tailored smart living automation  for effortless occupier lifestyles From vehicle access and and lockers, to  smart locks  lighting and blind controls we’re here to bring your spaces to life .
    • Local, Agile Product & App Development: An Australian-based team that creates new, or can fully customise and integrate prop-tech platforms and apps to suit the unique needs of any multi-occupancy building.
    • Emerging Technologies & Innovation Lab: SUPA is future focussed and at the forefront of emerging technologies, offering product integration and development services to deliver occupiers an integrated suite of technologies on a single mobile app.

    Operational Excellence

    Make life easier with a single-source provider for multiple services, seamless project delivery and premium customer management.

    • Single Expert Provider of Multiple Services: SUPA supports our clients across the whole project development or retrofit lifecycle with seamless single project management accountability across multiple service disciplines to reduce project costs, effort and time.
    • National Project Management Office: SUPA is committed to providing premium project services, from initiation to completion managed by a standardised, for the delivery of single or multiple service elements.    
    • Warranty, Defects & Risk Management: It’s all part of the service with SUPA.
    • Local Customer Service Team: SUPA’s clients and customers rely on our local team to help them every step of the way.

    Occupier Experiences

    SUPA’s managed service proposition to property investors and occupiers makes smart, sustainable urban property transformation a reality.

    • Affordable, Sustainable Living: With our managed service proposition and multidisciplinary services, we invest to reduce your environmental impact.
    • Least cost amenities and services: Our multidisciplinary services deliver economies of scale, and improved capital efficiency resulting in reduced operating costs for the building and its occupiers.
    • Safe & Connected Communities: SUPA’s integrated building security and access controls, super-fast fibre, automation and building and lifestyle platform ensures enhanced safety and more connected communities.
    • Transparency & Satisfaction: There are no surprises with SUPA. Our services are easy to use, our terms easy to understand, and customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do.
    • Communities Lifestyle Platforms & Apps: SUPA’s suite of platforms and apps enhance occupier experiences and create more connected communities.
    SUPA Energy

    SUPA Energy

    Redefining Essential Services

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    SUPA Networks

    SUPA Networks

    Delivering Super-Fast Fibre
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    SUPA Tech

    SUPA Tech

    Enabling Smart Buildings & Spaces

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    A smarter property experience is here….
    A smarter property experience is here….
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    Invest in your building’s sustainability

    Accelerate your adoption of renewables and unlock property value today.
    Accelerate your adoption of renewables and unlock property value today.
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