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Australia’s most progressive and highest rated essential services provider redefining renewables, mobility and optimising critical energy infrastructure, assets and services for multi-occupancy buildings.

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Invested in your building’s sustainability.

SUPA Energy is a progressive full-service utility providing affordable and sustainable energy and mobility solutions that optimise building performance.

SUPA Energy operates across the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

SUPA works with property developers, owners and strata communities in both new developments and existing property retrofits for residential, retail, commercial, and industrial multi-occupancy buildings.

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“Since 2013, our customers and partners have known us as, and over the journey with their support we have become recognised as the most progressive and highest rated essential services provider to multi-occupancy buildings for property investors, developers, owners and strata communities. 

“We’re focussed on a renewables and mobility future across Build-to-Sell, Build-to Rent and Commercial multi-occupancy properties, with an unwavering commitment to elevated stakeholder and occupier experiences.”

James Dunstan

Renewable Energy

SUPA Energy is at the renewables forefront for multi-occupancy properties contributing to a cleaner environment and supporting Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).

Within our progressive private energy networks, SUPA Energy provides renewable energy to the property and invests and operates embedded renewable electricity generation and battery energy storage systems at the property.

SUPA Energy also procures, generates and manages large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) and small-scale technology certificates (STCs), including the purchase and surrender of certificates to the Renewable Electricity Certificate (REC) Registry for connection point carbon abatement for a property to satisfy net zero carbon accounting standards.

SUPA Energy is also a trusted net zero advisory partner to help multi-occupancy buildings to affordably make the renewables transition.

Electricity, Natural Gas & Hot Water

As a full-service utility, SUPA Energy is redefining essential services. SUPA Energy provides fossil electricity (with renewable options) for least cost, natural gas (with electrification adoption strategies) for heating and cooking and centralised and instantaneous hot water.

Within our progressive private energy networks, SUPA Energy provides utilities enhancement services that comprise (for energy usage and cost management), cold water cost recovery reporting and billing agency services for hot water production and usage, environmental reporting, energy and water conservation as well as fair use HVAC billing services.

SUPA Energy is focussed on making essential services more affordable, more sustainable and far more pleasurable for all Australians.

Funded Energy Infrastructure, Plant & Equipment

With our capital invested, managed energy services, SUPA Energy is on your side when it comes to funding critical energy infrastructure, plant and equipment.

Incorporated into its managed energy services, SUPA Energy invests in critical energy infrastructure including renewable energy generation (solar PV), energy storage systems (batteries), centralised and instantaneous hot water systems (electric and natural gas), electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging systems.

SUPA Energy also transacts in asset purchase or replacement agreements with property owners and strata communities incorporating the infrastructure into our managed energy service.

Mobility Services

With the rapid escalation of interest in EVs and the prediction that EV sales will represent approximately 80% of all new motor vehicles by 2030, SUPA Energy advocates for EV charging readiness now and an EV charging density quotient (EVDQ) reflective of actual and trending occupier EV ownership, with an EVDQ to be incorporated into every new building design, for existing building retrofits and supported by a scalable dynamic EV load management system to create an easy and equitable data driven system.

We have been proactively working alongside our property partners and clients to pioneer emerging mobile (and micro-mobility) technologies and solutions to take their buildings and communities to the next level of EV charging readiness, availability, capability and lifestyle.

We are invested in your building’s mobility, whether it is to accommodate and charge an occupiers EV, e-Bike or e-Scooter or whether it is our as-a-service EV, e-Bike or e-Scooter.

SUPA Energy invests its capital into mobility solutions as part of its managed service, including the electrical infrastructure, charging stations, load management systems or our as-a-service EV, e-Bike or e-Scooter and the provision of transparent discounted energy for common areas and occupiers that also reduce cost of living expenses.

We also welcome the opportunity to talk with frustrated strata communities to dispel some EV charging myths and to offer practical EV charging pathways to change this paradigm now.

Heating, Ventilation & Cooling (HVAC)

Developers and strata communities turn to SUPA Energy when looking for efficient Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) equipment and systems.

Engaged at the design stage, SUPA Energy consults with key partners to identify the most appropriate, cost effective plant management system that will accurately determine usage per apartment.

The SUPA Energy team embeds systems to measure the energy used to heat and cool each apartment to ensure that the consumer is only billed for their own, individual, usage.


EnergyPlus is a modular suite of capital invested, managed services.

EnergyPlus increases multi-occupant strata building attraction, valuation and experiences for building owners and occupiers delivering affordable energy plus mobility solutions, renewables, building technology  and superfast broadband services.


SUPA Energy is at the forefront of the multi-occupant strata building EV revolution.

Energy+EV helps multi-occupant strata building owners and managers to provide  dedicated and communal EV charging stations, branded electric vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters to optimise mobility for occupants and their guests.

Our Electric Vehicle Density Quotient (EVDQ) Index measures the amount of EV charging infrastructure relative to the total number of occupants to deliver smarter, more sustainable and more mobile multi-occupant buildings.

The Energy+EV service sees SUPA Energy fund EV charging infrastructure and building electric works. When occupier and visitors start charging their electric vehicle or bike, they are tapping into the property’s local energy network and accessing more affordable and renewable electricity.


SUPA Energy is committed to making smart urban properties more sustainable.

Energy+Sustainability helps multi-occupant strata building owners and managers to the strengthen sustainability credentials of their property.

Committed to a renewables future, SUPA Energy embraces emerging technology, integrating renewables and improving sustainability measures.

With SUPA Energy, multi-occupant building owners and managers can take steps towards a net zero carbon future, decarbonise with electrification and offset pathways saving costs and reducing your building’s carbon emissions.

Energy+Hot Water

Energy + Hot Water combines the retrofit of aging or failing centralised hot water systems with affordable energy, including renewables, for improved asset operating efficiency, reduced cost and improved building sustainability without any capital investment from building owners, managers or occupiers.

SUPA increases the attractiveness, valuation and operating efficiency of your multi-occupancy building while improving the living experiences for strata communities, without the need for building managers to invest any capital or raise owners’ levies.

SUPA specialises in new and retrofit solutions and can upgrade your building’s hot water system to the next generation, including the electrification of existing hot water systems, resulting in more efficient and sustainable hot water services.


Designed with strata communities in mind, Energy+ Security hallmarks the future-proofed combination of next generation building security for multi-occupancy buildings with affordable energy, including renewables, for safer, more sustainable communities without any capital investment from building owners, managers or occupiers.

Partnering with some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers at the forefront of security, SUPA designs, supplies, integrates, installs and maintains tailored security solutions suited to your property. Choose from a range of services including specialised security systems, access controls, smart locks, CCTV and video management systems and licence plate recognition for enhanced occupant and visitor safety.

Paragon - Embedded Renewable Energy Generation

Paragon - Embedded Renewable Energy Generation

Paragon is a future-focused, sustainably designed residential tower developed by Beulah in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

SUPA Energy installed Australia’s largest, most efficient vertical 42 kW solar photovoltaic system comprising 128 panels spanning an impressive 158m2.

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Saint Moritz - Net Zero Carbon

Saint Moritz - Net Zero Carbon

Luxury developer Gurner engaged SUPA Energy at its premium beachfront address Saint Moritz to commission a private Net Zero carbon utilities network that now has an electric vehicle charging density quotient (EVDQ) of 33%.

SUPA Energy funded and managed installation of 38 dedicated EV charging stations, 5 communal EV charging stations and 4 e-bikes that leverages an on-site 100 kW Solar PV System, together with emerging renewable technologies and future electric vehicle charging infrastructure readiness to enable the residents living in the 131 high-end apartments to affordably reduce their environmental impact. 

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Chateau - Progressive Essential Services

Chateau - Progressive Essential Services

Bridgestone Projects engaged SUPA Energy to deliver essential services for the Chateau including electricity, natural gas, hot water, embedded 20 kW solar PV system, superfast broadband and communities lifestyle platforms.

Passionate about creating sustainable mobility solutions, SUPA Energy also invested capital to provide communal electric vehicle charging & electric vehicle car sharing program (EV-as-a-Service) for Chateau residents.

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A smarter property experience is here….
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