SUPA Launches Energy Plus+ EV Mobility: Leading the charge in EV adoption for high-density buildings

Smart Urban Properties Australia (SUPA) proudly announces the launch of Energy Plus+ EV Mobility, a pioneering renewables-managed service, unveiled yesterday at the EV Infrastructure Summit 2024, coinciding with World Environment Day. This launch underlines SUPA’s commitment to sustainable urban living and environmental stewardship.

Supporting World Environment Day

 Recognising the significance of World Environment Day, SUPA is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon footprints in urban environments. Our Energy Plus+ EV Mobility initiative is a testament to this commitment, aligning with the global call to protect our planet and support environmental conservation.

Driving EV Adoption with Zero Capital Investment

 With Australia’s EV adoption on the rise, Energy Plus+ EV Mobility addresses the challenge of implementing scalable EV charging infrastructure (EVCI) in high-density, multi-occupancy buildings. This innovative solution provides building owners the opportunity to integrate EVCI and EV car-sharing services without requiring capital investment, increasing owners’ levies, or raising rents.

SUPA will fund and manage the EVCI, offering car sharing, e-bike, and e-scooter options while transforming buildings into embedded energy networks powered by affordable renewable energy. This unique value proposition simultaneously facilitates affordable, sustainable energy and electric mobility solutions.

Key Advantages of Energy Plus+ EV Mobility

  • Zero Capital, Zero Risk: Seamlessly adopt EVCI with no upfront cost or risk.
  • Enhanced Property Value: Increase building attractiveness and valuation by providing superior amenities.
  • Improved Occupier Experience: Offer sustainable energy and mobility options, enriching living and working environments.
  • Boosted Sustainability: Elevate green credentials and support environmental conservation.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of belonging through innovative solutions.
  • Support for Renewable Energy Targets: Contribute to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).

 SUPA’s Chief Strategy Officer, James Dunstan, highlighted Energy Plus+ EV Mobility as a critical step toward closing the gap between EV adoption and charging infrastructure. “The EV revolution requires substantial resources from building owners. SUPA simplifies this by leveraging our strong partnerships with fleet and infrastructure providers, ensuring seamless EVCI deployment,” Dunstan stated.

A Commitment to Sustainable Urban Living

 SUPA is committed to scaling electric mobility across Australia with solutions like Energy Plus+, tailored to individual building needs, enhancing attractiveness, valuation, and delivering elevated occupier experiences.

“These innovations reflect SUPA’s purpose of enhancing the lifestyles of the communities we serve by providing smarter, safer, and more sustainable buildings with superior amenities and services,” said Geoff Horth, SUPA Group CEO.

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