SUPA Energy, Redefining Essential Services

SUPA Energy is invested in your building’s sustainability and mobility.

SUPA Energy is a progressive full-service utility at the renewables and mobility forefront that assists strata communities, property owners and developers improve building amenities, sustainability and mobility.

Since 2013, our property partners have recognised us as the most progressive and highest rated essential services provider to multi-occupancy properties.

“We’re focussed on a renewables and mobility future across multi-occupancy properties with an unwavering commitment to enhanced occupier experiences,” said SUPA Energy CEO, James Dunstan.

Within our progressive private energy networks SUPA Energy, invests in the establishment and ongoing management of renewable energy generation and battery energy storage systems, enabling more affordable and sustainable energy services. SUPA Energy is also a trusted net zero pathways partner to help multi-occupancy buildings to affordably make the renewables transition.

Comprehensive range of services

As a full-service utility, SUPA Energy is redefining essential services.

SUPA Energy provides the supply of fossil electricity (with renewable options) for least cost electricity services, the supply of natural gas (with electrification adoption strategies) for heating and cooking and for the centralised and instantaneous production of hot water.

SUPA Energy can also provide a range of utility enhancement services including:

  • Our SMS and email service for energy usage and cost management
  • Cold water cost recovery reporting
  • Billing agency services for hot water production and usage
  • Environmental reporting
  • Energy and water conservation, and
  • Fair use HVAC billing services.

Capital Invested Managed Service Model

Incorporated into our managed energy services for multi-occupancy properties, SUPA Energy invests in critical energy infrastructure, plant and equipment, including renewable energy generation (solar PV), energy storage systems (batteries), centralised and instantaneous hot water systems (electric and natural gas).

SUPA Energy also invests capital into mobility solutions for multi-occupancy buildings, including the electrical infrastructure, electric vehicle charging stations, load management systems and our EV e-Bike or e-Scooter as-a-service offering.

“We welcome the opportunity to talk with strata communities to dispel some EV charging myths and to offer practical EV charging pathways to change this paradigm now,” said Mr Dunstan.

Since 2013, SUPA Energy has developed a proud brand and reputation centred upon utilities price transparency, value for money, power of choice, elevated customer service and avoided capital costs of critical infrastructure for our strata communities and property developer partners.

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