Revolutionising Multi-occupancy Living: 6 Ways Smart Buildings & Integrated Platforms Are Elevating Resident Experience

Smart building technology is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with our surroundings.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), building systems and appliances can now be connected and controlled through a single integrated resident experience platform. This has enabled buildings to become smarter, more efficient, and more user-friendly than ever before.

At SUPA Tech, we advocate for ways to elevate the customer experience and engaging communities effortlessly, through the redefinition of prop-tech platforms and apps, like Connecx, that enables residents to communicate seamlessly with a range of devices from a single platform. In this article, we explore how smart building platforms such as Connecx can enhance the resident experience:

1. Offer a higher level of convenience and comfort

In connected smart buildings, residents can easily modify their living environment to their preferred settings with smart thermostats, lighting, and other connected devices. This means they can adjust the temperature, lighting, and other factors to create a comfortable and personalized living space. With smart home automation, residents can even set up their appliances to turn on or off automatically, making daily tasks more convenient and efficient. Smart thermostats, lighting systems, and blinds can be controlled with a voice assistant or smartphone app, making it easy for residents to personalize their living.  Scenes can be established such as “Goodnight”, turning off all lights, lowering blinds and turning off their air conditioning with a single touch of a button. This all can be achieved from one single mobile app.

2. Help occupants to save on energy bills.

Smart energy management systems can monitor and optimise energy usage, reducing unnecessary waste and lowering costs. By monitoring energy usage and identifying areas of waste, smart building technology can help residents save money on utility bills while also reducing their carbon footprint. Smart building apps can contribute to this saving by providing residents the ability to monitor energy consumptions and costs, plus view and pay their bills, making daily tasks more efficient. Also, having a single smart building platform which can register new residents with the building, the utility provider, the access control system and any other system required, removes time and stress from the move-in process and eliminates paperwork and building manager effort.

3 Improve security and safety

Smart security systems can detect and prevent potential threats, such as intruders or fires, and alert residents or emergency services, if necessary, with simple mobile device notifications. Smart building technology can also monitor air quality and detect hazardous materials, improving the overall safety and well-being of residents. Intercom and access control systems can simplify and secure building access using the mobile phone as an entry device, thus eliminating, or reducing the need for keys or fobs which can be lost or stolen.

This platform, also enable smart access control systems can also readily provision visitor access, using the mobile device to send visitor access codes which integrate the visitor entry with the building access control system, the lift control system as well as the smart door locks on apartments whilst notifying the resident that their visitor has arrived. In addition, Automatic Number Plate recognition cameras can be integrated with the smart app and access control system providing access to resident as well as visitor cars based on simple car space bookings. This is facilitated by a smart building platform, placing access control in the hands of building residents.

4. Allow residents to manage shared building amenities

This technology can manage shared amenities like co-working spaces, cinema rooms, parking spots and rooftop decks. Scheduling apps and reservation systems can ensure that residents have equal access to these spaces, making it easier to connect with neighbours and create a sense of community.

Another solution is the improvement of the packages delivery system, that can be a hassle for apartment residents, however with the implementation of smart lockers and packages rooms, can simplify the process and provide a secure way for residents to receive their deliveries. Residents can collect their deliveries using their mobile device, whilst allowing building managers to view the parcel status of all deliveries. Systems like Connecx, a part of enhancing the residents experience, also reduced building management efforts significantly. Residents can stay connected to their deliveries and amenities by using single connected smart building platform.

5. Connected ecosystems simplify residents’ day-to-day lives.

A connected smart building can extend into a connected ecosystem, which will allow smart buildings to integrate into a larger precinct or into its surrounding area. The integration with local businesses and service providers, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and cleaning services, allow residents to discover, order, and schedule services directly through their mobile device. Residents can also view deals and promotions, connecting them more closely with businesses in the building, precinct, or surrounds. Community managers can facilitate these connections to ensure a sustainable eco system. Payment services on a mobile device could be used for coffee orders, special deals, events, and booking payments.

All these special offers can be advertised on a digital bulletin board on Connecx app, and mobile notification systems ensuring that the resident is always in the loop.

6. Make your community connect and interact effortlessly.

Smart buildings can foster a sense of community among residents. With shared spaces and amenities, residents can connect and interact with each other more easily by providing virtual concierge services, event planning and coordination, and social networking, all on a single smart building platform. Apartment resident technology can facilitate communication between residents and building management. The smart building management platforms can be used to schedule events, report maintenance issues, and receive updates from management. This improves the overall resident experience by making it easier to stay informed and engaged in the community. By creating a more connected and interactive community, smart building platforms can enhance the overall resident experience.

As we have seen, smart building technology enhances the experience of occupants and transforms our interactions with our surroundings. However, having unconnected tech systems in a community is not only inefficient but costly. Assuring residents have a single point of entry for personalizing and controlling their environment brings the user experience to the next level. Connecx provides a connected and digitally enabled lifestyle that empowers residents. It makes connected living easier by integrating a range of third-party technologies that occupants can easily control through one easy mobile app.

Ready to elevate your occupants living experience with SUPA Tech’s Smart Building Platform – Connecx? Head to and discover how one platform and app will transform your smart building capability.

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Author: Simone Zvara, SUPA CTO

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