Last week, SUPA proudly took the spotlight as the headline partner for the inaugural EV Infrastructure Summit in Sydney. This fantastic event brought together 320 attendees, including senior executives from real estate, urban design, sustainability, and EV/mobility sectors, all keen to explore how to collectively advance EV infrastructure. The attendees’ high spirits were palpable, with everyone eager to learn and share their experiences and ideas. 

 Our highlights from the event: 

  • EV Display: SUPA’s presence at the summit was marked by an eye-catching EV display with a Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo at the front of Doltone House Darling Island. Created in collaboration with strategic partners JET Charge and Outbound Mobility, this display allowed attendees to experience firsthand what the future of EV mobility looks like with SUPA. 
  • James Dunstan’s Plenary Session: James Dunstan, SUPA’s Chief Strategy Officer, delivered a compelling plenary session addressing the increasing and concerning gap between EV adoption in high density, multi-occupancy buildings. He emphasised the importance of having a ready-to-invest partner dedicated to simultaneously accelerating EV charging infrastructure and delivering on renewable energy to reduce this gap and to advance Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, making it less of a pressing concern for sustainable investors, developers, owners and operators and their communities. 
  • Launch of Energy Plus+ EV Mobility: During SUPA’s plenary session, James officially launched Energy Plus+ EV Mobility, SUPA’s groundbreaking renewables-managed service. This innovative solution enables sustainable investors, developers, owners, to contribute to environmental sustainability without the need for upfront capital investment, risk, or cost premium. “The EV revolution is upon us all and there a no U-turns. This places significant demands on property owners and their occupiers. SUPA eases this by leveraging our strong partnerships with fleet and infrastructure providers ensuring large-scale deployment,” Dunstan stated. 
  • Insightful Panel Discussion: SUPA’s Head of Developments, Sam Davey, participated in an engaging panel discussion with industry experts, including Tim Washington, CEO at JET Charge; Luke Rust, CEO at Outbound Mobility; Steven Linz, Head of Growth at Intellihub; and Peter Smith, Head of Development Delivery at Local Residential.

The panel focused on ‘How can partnerships accelerate charging infrastructure and EV adoption,’ highlighting the importance of partnerships in simplifying, accelerating, and scaling charging infrastructure and EV amenities as a service within new and existing buildings. “Partnerships are the key to driving the adoption of EV infrastructure at scale,” said Davey. “Through these collaborations, we are easing the implementation and management of electric mobility solutions, encompassing everything from procuring renewable energy and infrastructure to installing EV charging stations and providing communal EVs to occupants.” 


  • Round Table Discussion: SUPA’s team led a thought-provoking discussion on ‘Funding and scaling charging infrastructure and electric mobility solutions in existing high density buildings,’ exploring growth and sustainability avenues in the EV space with delegates from property and energy sectors. The key takeaways included the necessity of more education, particularly for strata communities, harmonising charging infrastructure standards, and the importance of planning to support occupants’ EV adoption. 


  • Our SUPA Stand: A Hub of Innovation and Engagement. The energy at SUPA’s stand was electric (pun intended). The team had insightful conversations with industry leaders and innovators about advancing EV infrastructure in Australia. SUPA’s display offered a glimpse into what charging ahead with SUPA looks like, providing information about our capital-invested and risk-managed Energy Plus+ EV Mobility service, a tailored solution for every property that simultaneously enables the building’s EV charging and sustainability credentials. 

Our SUPA team also walked delegates through how this solution has been implemented in some of the most iconic and affordable developments in Australia, accelerating sustainable EV charging across the country. “The response was overwhelmingly positive,” said Brett Payne from SUPA. “It’s clear that there’s a strong appetite for innovative EV solutions that do not require capital investment, increasing owners’ levies, or raising occupant rents.” 

Looking Ahead to a Sustainable Future 

A big thank you once again to Future Place for this magnificent event, our guest panellists, to all the delegates and SUPA’s fantastic team for making this event a success. It was an honour to be part of the conversation alongside other industry leaders pushing the boundaries and helping Australia transition to EVs. 

SUPA is excited about what the future will bring after this summit and looks forward to collaborating and accelerating the large-scale deployment of EV infrastructure and electric mobility solutions in existing and new buildings across Australia.  

If you want to learn more about what Energy Plus+ EV Mobility can do for your building, learn more here.

For more information, follow SUPA’s LinkedIn page, or contact SUPA.

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